Local Marketing Versus PPC


It happens with almost every client, the first question they ask is whether their marketing budget should go towards PPC or a local marketing campaign.  While the answer ends up being “well…it depends”, needless to say clients want a definitive answer.  However the answer really does depend on what services or goods you provide and what your goals are.  Looking at both options and sometimes using a combination of the two is the best choice.  Look at what both have to offer before deciding.

Local Marketing versus PPC


While there is far more to local marketing that SEO, right now comparing local SEO to PPC works as an example.  Local SEO simplified is just the process of optimizing your website so that it ranks higher in search results.  While that’s really an oversimplification of working with digital marketing team, since they will use social media and other tools to bring in and convert customers.

On the other hand Pay Per Click or PPC is very straight forward.  Google or some other search engine charges you for ad space on the results page.  There are still techniques that are used to determine the right keywords and making sure you have a well designed landing page that will help convert customers.


Both are viable methods of getting new customers but can serve very different purposes.  If you are looking for a long term marketing strategy the SEO is invaluable and a definite must do.  First visitors are conditioned to ignore the paid listings at the beginning of a page, and secondly it will bring you better quality and easier to close leads.  Research has continually shown that customers trust organic search results more than PPC ads.  Customers believe that when you rank higher in the search results page it indicates that you’re important in that industry.  In other words they trust Google to rank the best sites first.

Another reason to invest in a long term marketing strategy is durability.  If and when you hit the top spot on Google it is much easier to stay there than it was to get there.  While a PPC campaign takes you to the first page instantly, the minute you stop paying for ads your presence is gone.  Both strategies will require an operating budget, but SEO will is a better long term strategy.


There are times when PPC is the better option of the two and you will see a solid return on your investment.  When you are starting out and have absolutely no organic presence, PPC can kickstart your marketing efforts.  SEO takes time and PPC can give you immediate results.  When you have a sale or promotion that is going on for a short term, a PPC campaign is ideal to advertise it.  Search engines make changes slowly so your sale could be over before it is reflected in the results page and in this case PPC is far better to promote your event.

PPC campaigns are ideal for short term promotions but over the long haul they can become very expensive.  While SEO takes time and energy to get results it is far more valuable in the long run.  You will find many companies engaging in both methods, often scaling back the PPC campaigns as organic results take hold.